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A Pinterest-ing development for brands

11 August 2014

A Pinterest-ing development for brands – direct messaging. 

Last week Pinterest unveiled a new way for its users to talk, collaborate and share with one another without leaving the site, opening up a fresh new opportunity for brands to get more personal with their followers.

The new messaging feature means both users and brands will be able to open discussions on Pinterest with users around their favourite Pins – without having to leave the site or hold the conversation as comments on a singular pin.

On average Pinterest generates 4x more revenue per click than other social platforms. So, whilst most brands will have a smaller following on the platform vs. Facebook and Twitter, the followers they do have are more likely to convert and to spend more when they do. So why not reward them for their loyalty?

Personal messaging is a new way to communicate with your brand’s most loyal fan base, thanking them for pinning or letting them know about special discounts and rewards could generate a more personal relationship and a deeper connection with your brand.

It’s worth being aware that Pinterest’s inbuilt messaging has deliberately been designed to keep messaging as a secondary function of the platform.

The service is intended to help those with group boards or shared ideas to communicate – which is why the function allows for group conversations of up to 10 users. Also, the user must be following the brand and vice versa which limits the possibility of brands sending spam messages or hooking new fans with offers.

Check out the video –



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