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Intelligently creative on a low budget

15 August 2014

By now many of you will have seen the Dollar Shave Club video that went viral back in 2012. If not, then watch the video above.

You’ll agree that every frame, line and soundbite just works. No ifs, not buts. It did exactly what they wanted, and possibly more.

Why? Because they were intelligently creative.

In just two years and 5 months the video has accrued 15,705,320 plays (accurate at the time of this blog being published), with 5million of them coming in the first 4 months.


Why does it work so well?

1. It’s funny. There can’t be a human on earth who has seen this video and didn’t crack a smile at least once.

2. It’s relatable. We can all relate to the fact shavers are an expensive grudge purchase. Plus, he’s got a point, do we really need all those extra gadgets?

3. It’s engaging. The questions he asks, coupled with each little sketch, makes you watch it again and again to make sure that you didn’t miss a thing.

4. It’s honest. The fact that the main character, Michael Dubin, is in fact the CEO makes it far more interesting. You feel like he’s really talking to you and that the company must really be that much fun, creative and crazy (the good kind).

5. It’s sharable. It’s highly likely that you’re about to share this video with your friends, again. Even if you have no interest in buying shavers for a dollar, you just want to tell you friends about this hilarious new video you have found.

6.  It was cheap. The whole production cost a mere $4,500 (approx. £2,695). That’s all in. Everything from the creative, to equipment and post production. You can’t even pay for a tenth of those YouTube views with that budget.

All of those factors have played a part in Dollar Shave Club becoming as popular as it is today. Increasing brand awareness is key to any company that wants to grow. It’s safe to say that there are a few million more people aware of DSC now, than before the video came out.

We had nothing to do with this video. In fact, Colossal Creative wasn’t even born yet. However, we appreciate creative advertising and know a Colossal idea when we see one.

In this day and age, you don’t need a big a budget to reach your audience and compete with your competitors, you just need a Colossal idea.

If you’d like to know more about viral campaigns, or maybe you have an idea we can help you create, get in touch by emailing

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