Community Management


Social without conversation is like a fire without oxygen…

…It will just fizzle out.

Managing the flow of social content is one thing, but keeping your online community engaged is often overlooked.

In most cases, you can think of community management as an extension of your customer service team. You wouldn’t have an inbox full of customer emails going unanswered for days, nor would you leave someone stood at the front desk for 6 hours, so you shouldn’t have a feed full of tweets and comments without a response; not to mention the damage this can do to your overall reach.

In addition, due to the likes of Edge Rank (Facebook’s algorithm), the more conversation you can have with a user, the higher the affinity score that you develop. Not only does this result in the user seeing more of your content, but it also increases your chances of reaching their friends.

We attack social media with an always-on approach. By monitoring your channels throughout the day, we don’t just reply to fans, we become a catalyst for conversation by listening and engaging with the right people in order to build your online community.

It’s this community that increases the ‘mental availability’ of your brand. Those familiar with the work of Byron Sharp, will understand that the more mentally available your brand becomes, the more likely you are to be at the forefront of a consumer’s mind, when the time is right to purchase your product.

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