Facebook Apps


Your fans need a place to hang out, right?

Facebook apps are often missed out of social media campaigns, mainly due to the assumption of building one being far too complicated and expensive. Well, it’s quite the opposite.

In many cases, for less than what you’d spend on a traditional print ad, a Facebook App could be utilised to increase engage and capture invaluable data. A well-planned, developed and marketed application is capable of explosive and exponential growth.

As well as reaching a wider audience and allowing the consumer to spend more time with the brand, we can capture data such as emails, genders, age groups, interests and more; allowing you to increase the value of a Facebook fan.

The application sits within your Facebook page, is by accessed by a campaign tab and can be promoted to thousands of people using app engagement Facebook adverts. Facebook apps come in many forms and can be used to host games, source content, build a community and drive awareness, as well as the most common use of running competitions and giveaways.

It usually starts with our strategists finding the best and most cost effective mechanism of delivering your campaign, before working closely with the production team for the design & build.

Some of the most popular applications include Sweepstakes, Photo Contests, Interactive Games, Augmented Reality and Online Stores.

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