Social Media Strategy

Without analysing your audience, defining your brand and documenting an informed social media strategy, your efforts could be taking you in the wrong direction!




Whether it’s for your ongoing social presence, or activating a brand engagement campaign, planning & implementing a social media strategy is a must.

Many marketing teams attempt social without any clear structure to what they are doing or why they’re doing it, quickly realising that their activity doesn’t bring in a profitable result; or finding it very difficult to adopt a consistent routine.

“You can’t cook a meal without knowing the ingredients.”

After covering the what, when, where and why, we profile your target audience and dive deep in to your consumer’s habits. That means that we know exactly where they are, what they like and what makes them engage. A meticulous level of social media strategy that gives us the power to create some serious noise around your brand; always ensuring that our content is well-informed, relevant and on-brand, of course.

With recent algorithm updates to various social channels, it’s also vital that we identify the best platforms for you to engage your audience. You see, the best platform isn’t always the most popular, or the coolest, it’s the channel that will provide the best return on investment.


You’re tone of voice, style, design, imagery, behaviour and general look & feel is arguably the most important part of your social activity. It’s often overlooked by many, but it is something that we take very seriously. We call it the ‘Social DNA’.

Have you ever been entertained by the way a brand talks on social media? Maybe you admired their imagery? Or possibly their colours caught your eye?

That’s because their Social DNA is spot on.

It isn’t a great advert for your business if potential customers are seeing different styles of imagery and a different tone of voice, day in, day out, with no clear structure to your brand. You’ll also find it hard to engage your fans if you’re not talking their language, so to speak.

Our Social DNA session works towards creating a brand identity for you to live and breathe across your various social channels. Acting as a personality guideline for your business, the Social DNA ensures that all published content appears to be from the same person/brand and adopts a uniformed approach. We’ll help to establish your image and position you the right way.

The DNA will heavily influence your content creation by giving you a better idea of what to say and how to say it.

We know first hand how time consuming it can be to not only source content, but figure out the best times to engage your audience. In many cases, a lack of strategy results in too many pictures of what the team had for lunch, and the MD’s new dog. But let’s be honest, no one really cares.

A tailored content strategy will not only ensure that you know what to say, it also outlines why you should be saying it and how it contributes towards your objectives. Ultimately, resulting in a more efficient use of our time or your internal resource.

When planning the content strategy, we analyse what has worked and failed for your competitors, in addition to identifying the best sources of material that can be used on a regular basis. We shouldn’t even have to explain how much time this will save your campaign, allowing the resource to be used elsewhere and provide a better return on investment.

A routine can be a social media manager’s best friend. Content plans assist you in getting into a rhythm of creating engaging posts on a regular basis. Whether your content is produced daily, weekly or even months in advance, our plans mean that the team know exactly what to create, avoiding hours of thinking time and reducing costs.

A social media audit is vital to ensuring that your digital marketing efforts are benefiting your brand or business.

We often find that many businesses leave their social activity in the hands of the young intern or recent graduate. Whilst they know how to use Facebook & Twitter, they may not have the experience to understand the algorithms, page optimisation, or even your target audience. As a result, there are usually quicker, cheaper and more effective ways of running your social media campaigns. Our audits will highlight areas for improvement and suggest tactics going forward.

Whether you’re looking to work with a social media agency, or just tighten up the ship with your in-house team, a social media audit will save you from going too far down the wrong path.

Social media audits can be a first step towards informing your social media strategy. We’ll also outline any areas in which you may benefit from social media training.

It’s all about staying ahead of the competition.

Have you ever taken the time to see what your competitors are doing? Have you ever investigated what key players and consumers within your sector are discussing?

We can help you to understand the market fast (from a social perspective) by analysing your competitor’s activity. Our social media research outlines what those around you are doing to provide an insight into what works well and, equally as essential, what doesn’t, so that you can avoid the same pitfalls. Covering areas such as content, response time, design, topics, frequency, engagement ratings and more, we can provide well-informed recommendations towards your overall social media strategy.

By analysing hot topics and discussions within your industry, we make sure that your content consists of the right material, therefore positioning your business as a thought leader.

If you’re a social media user yourself, it’s more than likely that your business is connected to your profile. Even if you’re one of the select few that this doesn’t apply to, in this day and age, we’d wager that it does apply to the majority of your colleagues and employees.

For example, your Facebook page is likely to display something like ‘Director at Example Company’, or maybe your Twitter says ‘Marketing Manager at Example Company’. We don’t even need to ask about LinkedIn, that’s a given.

From your customer’s perspective, it’s relatively easy to identify a member of your team, so who knows what your clients will find.

Empowering your employees to use their own social media to the advantage of the business, can be extremely beneficial. However, they must know their boundaries. Taking a ‘selfie’ in the office may seem harmless, but when the notice board in the background contains confidential information, things can get messy.

It’s the same with the company social accounts too. There needs to be rules on what can and can’t be said, in order to protect your brand. Having these guidelines in place will ensure that, no matter who’s running your Twitter account on any given day, your content has a uniformed approach and adheres to the company policy.

Our policies cover a range of topics and events. Here a just a few of the most commons areas:

  • Introduction to the business’ social media
  • Correctly identifying their position at the company
  • Responsibilities
  • Internal content
  • Talking about work online
  • Association
  • Copyrights
  • Discussing finances
  • Legal & HR
  • Consequences

There’s been many cases in the media of unhappy employees posting negative tweets about their employers. If things do turn ugly, either on your company’s social media page or an employee’s account, there needs to be a procedure in place to deal with it as quick as possible.

Our crisis management guidelines will make sure that you and your team can rapidly deal with any complaints and/or other types of negative publicity, before any serious damage can be done. The escalation plan will cover how to deal with the issues, who to notify and when (depending on the level of threat), along with how to respond and prevent any further problems.


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