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Top 10 #FacebookDown tweets

4 August 2014


If you’re an active social media user, who has been online in the past week, then you’ll have noticed the worldwide crisis of Facebook going down, again.

Facebook is a large part of our business, so we know first hand how inconvenient it can be when the social network isn’t playing ball. However, some people just go a little too far when it comes to reacting to such an occasion. Without disappointment, many of them instantly took to Twitter to express their concerns under the hashtag ‘#FacebookDown’.

Some are spot on, some are just ridiculous, but they’re all hilarious. Here are our Top 10 #FacebookDown Tweets:


1. It looks like Myspace Tom is at it again.


2. Apparently, calling the Police is perfectly reasonable at a time like this.


2. How will we know?


4. Got a point.


5. Think of the crops!


6. So true.


7. Thumbs will hurt.


8. Been there, done that, bought the tee shirt.


9. It finally happened.


10. It’s just not the same.


Got some more you want to share?

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